WW archive > Issue 504 - 12 November 2003

United States of Europe - theirs and ours

Jack Conrad explains the communist vision


Boycott?; Rhayader farce; Craig's error; DSP "˜zigzags'

Democrats form platform

Some 30 people - varying over the course of the day - met in Birmingham on Saturday November 8 to form a Democracy platform in the Socialist Alliance. Mike Macnair reports

Women on the frontline

One hundred comrades crammed into the library of Conway Hall, London on November 7 to hear Yanar Mohammed of the Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq. Andy Hannah reports

Around the web

Bright but boring: Phil Hamilton looks at the website of the ESF

Britain to host ESF 2004

Tina Becker on the prospects and problems

Globalise Resistance and the politics of manipulation

Ian Donovan looks at this strange front of the Socialist Workers Party

End the left's disunity

Tina Becker highlights the main issues facing the ESF in Paris

Keeping left out

Cameron Richards reports from the launch of John Marek's new party in Wrexham

PRC - origins, problems and prospects

The combativity of the working class in Italy is in part connected to the leadership offered by Rifondazione Comunista, argues Toby Abse, a supporter of Resistance. This monthly publication groups together the International Socialist Group - affiliated to the so-called 'Fourth International' - and an eclectic range of independents who in general inhabit the right wing of the Socialist Alliance

Why Attac tries to apply brakes

Under the leadership of the French organising committee, the ESF has made a sharp turn to the right. Tina Becker explains

Seize opportunity

As the European Union tries to introduce its quasi-democratic constitution, expands to the east, adopts the single currency and looks to a unitary European defence force, our side is left to play catch-up, says Marcus Ström

Overturn party ban

The participation of political parties has become one of the most controversial issues within the ESF, says Tina Becker

But is the platform republican?

The Socialist Alliance minority that gathered for Saturday's meeting is by no means as united as the debates and votes appeared to show. Steve Freeman was there

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