Questions and items for June 7 Socialist Alliance executive committee presented by Marcus Ström

1. At what stage and scope are negotiations with the Communist Party of Britain (Morning Star) regarding next year’s European and GLA elections? On whose behalf have these discussions been undertaken? Are there any other issues being discussed with the CPB (Morning Star) on behalf of the SA? If so, what are these issues?

2. A number of questions are being raised on various e-lists and in personal conversations about the prospects of a ‘peace and justice’ candidate in Birmingham for the European elections. Conjecture is running wild about a ‘peace and justice’ party being established and so on.

3. Is there a grain of truth to this speculation which centres on alleged negotiations between the SWP and anti-war activists from Birmingham central mosque? If so, what is the nature of these discussions? If such a candidate is in the offing, is it being proposed the SA support such a campaign and, if so, what is the political platform for the ‘peace and justice’ campaign.