WW archive > Issue 484 - 12 June 2003


No trust; Sleeping better; Socialist SF; Smoke and mirrors; Twisted reality; Absent SWP; Stay divided II; Naive SA chair

Kick in the shins

Mark Fischer reports on the latest on the CPGB's annual fundraising drive

Outlawing consent

Jeremy Butler comments on the new Sexual Offences Bill

New Socialist Alliance officers

Hackney Stop the War: Real discussion needed

Stop the War Coalition in Hackney held a teach-in on Saturday June 7 to discuss the situation in Iraq and the way forward for the coalition. Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, there was in fact little discussion on anything at all. Anne McShane reports

SA: May 3 Committee statement

An ad hoc committee has been set up by Socialist Alliance members to press the case for a workers' party


Questions and items for June 7 Socialist Alliance executive committee presented by Marcus Ström

Nationalist rival?

The south Wales town of Merthyr Tydfil provided the venue for a debate on 'the future of the Welsh left' on June 7, called by Seren, Cymru Goch's newly launched left nationalist paper. Bob Davies was there

Democratise the health service

Ernie Shenton looks at the history and the future of the National Health Service

Left unity: start making friends

Pro-party independent James White looks back at the SA's May 10 conference and the prospects of splits in the Socialist Workers Party

Abandon sectarian doctrine

Open letter to members of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty

Party Notes: Euro, sterling and class politics

The cabinet is not split into pro- and anti-euro factions. The divisions are subtler, says Jack Conrad

SA 'awkward squad' under threat

Marcus Strom reports from the first meeting of the newly elected executive committee of the Socialist Alliance in England and Wales

Socialist Alliance: Forget SWP, forget Communist Party

Jean Kysow explains why we should prioritise the SA in the fight for a workers' party

Politically correct Thatcherites

The South African Communist Party's Blade Nzimande is the Communist Party of Britain's main attraction at its weekend school. Peter Manson examines the SACP's role

Around the web: Active and dynamic?

Phil Hamilton takes a look at the web presence of the Morning Star's Communist Party of Britain

Unison: Conference issues

The annual conference has acquired a new significance following the addition of the Transport and General Workers Union into the ranks of 'awkward squad' unions with the victory of Tony Woodley. Alan Stevens reports

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