What to do now

Although it looks as if this particular war might be over soon, our struggle is far from over. George W Bush and his friends in the reactionary Project for the New American Century have been frighteningly open about their plans to sort out other 'rogue' states around the world: Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Syria "¦ the list of countries who still dare to disobey American orders is long. So now is not the time to get frustrated that our efforts seem to have been in vain. We will lose battle after battle "“ until we win the last, decisive one. The anti-war movement has already shown what it is capable of. Two million people on the streets of London is unprecedented. We must build on these foundations and move to a higher organisational stage. Get involved Join your local anti-war group - check out www.stopwar.org.uk for the nearest one or phone the Stop the War Coalition on 07951 235915 or 020 7053 2153. Make sure you take copies of the Weekly Worker. Send weekly reports We want to feature local anti-war activities - send brief reports to weeklyworker@cpgb.org.uk or fax 020 8961 9193. Two hundred or so words will do. Order extra papers Do not go to any rally, meeting or demonstration without extra copies of the Weekly Worker. Write, email or phone for packs of 5, 10, 15, 20 or more. Send us the money for what you sell every month. Left over papers should be given away to promising contacts. They will give you a donation later if they like the contents. If we already send you a bulk order, now is still the time for an increase. Organise street stalls Party centre has posters, leaflets, badges, stickers, pamphlets and of course the Weekly Worker to stock you up. Just set up something like a decorator's table in the town centre or wherever, stick CPGB posters around it and you are ready. Use petitions to engage people. Sell the Weekly Worker, recruit to the Stop the War Coalition and note the names and addresses of useful contacts. Get a 'campaign pack' - 020 8965 0659. You can download a range of CPGB leaflets from our website http://www.cpgb.org.uk/resources/index.html. Attend CPGB anti-war forums There are regular meetings in many areas, including Wales and Scotland. Email us at antiwar@cpgb.org.uk for details of the nearest one to you. Sign up to Communist University 2003 The annual school of the CPGB over August 3-10 will discuss a number of important aspects relating to the war: the age of the new American imperialism; rogue states and the corrupt United Nations; the role of school students in the anti-war movement; the need for a new workers party; etc. August 3-10, in central London. Send a cheque for £20 to the CPGB address to reserve your place. Join the communists! Contact the Party office by phone or email, or complete the on-line form.