New period, new tasks

On the day after the massive Stop the War demonstration in London, CPGB members met for an aggregate. The demonstration - its implications for the development of the left and for our own tasks as communists - was the main subject of discussion. Britain is becoming a weak link in the drive for war and that means the left, especially communists and revolutionary socialists, have particular responsibilities. Comrade Mark Fischer reported that the upturn in political activity in society, manifested in the huge demonstrations, has been reflected in an increase in applications to join the CPGB. Our difficulty remains integrating these contacts into a national structure. He was confident that they will be able to become politically active through Stop the War groups. Weekly Worker readers and supporters groups will also be crucial in the forthcoming period. Although most party members attended the demonstration, comrade Tina Becker and others criticised those who failed to attend without good reason. Democratic centralism involves obligations as well as rights. We have big tasks ahead of us, and those who want to be a member of a serious Communist Party should commit themselves to participation in its actions. At the end of the session comrades voted to instruct the national organiser to write to members who were absent on Saturday, expressing our disappointment with them and asking them to think about what being a party member means and whether they want to continue to undertake the responsibilities involved. Comrade Fischer emphasised that sending such letters does not mean he is suggesting a purge of backward members. Mary Godwin