WW archive > Issue 468 - 20 February 2003

In defence of the Socialist Alliance

Putting alliance back on track

RMT train crew and shunting grades executive member Derek Goodliffe, writing in a personal capacity, looks ahead to the upcoming meeting of the Socialist Alliance's rail caucus

Campaign for a workers' party

Anti-war movement is movement for democracy

Weakest link

Stop the War popular front?

After Saddam

Though subject to severe repression under the Ba'ath regime, historically the Communist Party of Iraq has retained a mass base. Faced with the impending US-UK military onslaught, the party says it must fight on two fronts - against imperialism and against Saddam Hussein. Henning Böke spoke to Rashid Ghewielib, representative of the CPI in Germany, about the present situation and the prospects for the Iraqi opposition

World opposition to Bush-Blair

More than 30 million protested on February 15 in over 600 cities and towns, across more than 60 countries and on every continent. They marched to stop the impending war against Iraq - even at the McMurdo base in Antarctica. Tina Becker looks at how the left across the world has reported the events of the day

Go-it-alone manifesto

Sarah McDonald looks forward to the February 22-23 annual conference of the Scottish Socialist Party

Things can only get bitter "¦

Mark Fischer spoke to George Galloway, the controversial Glasgow MP and key figure in the anti-war movement

New period, new tasks

Hyde Park strike call

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