Take a hike

Did the SWP deliberately provoke the SP walkout? This email purports to be from SWP member Julian Goss, secretary of the WSA, to Martin Chapman, former WSA chair and leading SWPer in Swansea, the weekend before the Swansea WSA nominating meeting

Dear Martin I've talked today to John Rees. He asks: are we interested in the two seats the SP want to stand in? Answer: yes. Is there an organisational format for putting the question to the vote? Answer: yes. Can we win the argument decisively? If so, we should go ahead. If the SP can't accept a democratic decision, and walk out, then so be it. But beware that 'independents' who have moaned louder than we have about the SP may prevaricate when it comes to the crunch. We need to line people up beforehand. Talk to them individually. We must be absolutely sure that they will be prepared to push the matter to its conclusion, knowing the SP can be expected to take a hike as a result. Fraternally Julian