WW archive > Issue 453 - 24 October 2002

Liz Davies

Take a hike

Did the SWP deliberately provoke the SP walkout? This email purports to be from SWP member Julian Goss, secretary of the WSA, to Martin Chapman, former WSA chair and leading SWPer in Swansea, the weekend before the Swansea WSA nominating meeting

Dictatorship of the proletariat: Bolshevism versus Kautskyism

In the sixth part of his series of articles Jack Conrad discusses the debate between Lenin, Trotsky and Kautsky

Left gives BNP clear run


Taaffe pulls out at last

All out against the war

Thousands march against war

Trouble at top

Partners or rivals

Socialist Party Wales letter to WSA

Support the firefighters

Pact to re-elect Ken

Heading for the rocks

SA executive

Democratic centralism and the SA euro vote

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