WW archive > Issue 432 - 16 May 2002

Community service

The Independent Working Class Association stood several candidates in the local elections in England, winning a seat in Oxford. In Haggerston ward, Hackney, one of the IWCA candidates was Carl Taylor, who gained 610 votes (26.9%) - less than 100 behind the lowest successful Labour candidate. He spoke to Peter Manson about the campaign

Two states for two peoples

A strong anti-capitalist organisation

Tina Becker spoke to two participants of the European Social Forum

Buying into influence

The role of political parties in the ESF led understandably to a number of heated debates on the weekend - in the various meetings, as well as in the bars and pubs afterwards. Tina Becker reports

Don't be critical

Not all May Day demonstrators were trade unionists or socialists. Mike Metelits looks at the mass bike ride

£20,000 pledged

This year's Summer Offensive, the CPGB's annual fundraising campaign, has got off to a brilliant start

Ongoing debate

Which way for European left?

Over 200 people attended the preparatory meeting of the European Social Forum in Vienna on May 11-12. Tina Becker reports

Reactionary anti-Zionism

Eddie Ford examines the roots of Hamas and looks at its programmatic charter

Revolutionary answer

Aziz Demir of the Communist Party of Turkey addressed a meeting to launch the CPGB's 2002 fundraising drive

Rebuilding working class politics

A cross Europe, the far right is on the march, scapegoating immigrants and ethnic minorities, especially those from islamic countries, for the social ills that blight the lives of increasing numbers of working class communities, says Bill Jeannes

Learning the lessons

How many more?

Solution from below

Theses on Israel-Palestine

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