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Coy relationship; Not SWP; Dishonest; Any name; Greedy Gibs; Messed up

For a democratic federal Europe

Elections only

Letter to Socialist Alliance national executive

Why I resigned from the SWP

Our history Heroic struggle

In August 1921 the CPGB stood Bob Stewart as the CPGB candidate in a by-election in Caerphilly, south Wales. Caerphilly was dominated by the coal-mining industry, and just a few months earlier the miners had fought a bitter struggle against the government and mine-owners. This was the newly formed party's first test at the ballot box. It had been preceded by dramatic events. On April 1 1921 over one million workers in the mining industry were locked out when they refused to ac­cept pay cuts of up to 50%. The gov­ernment declared a state of emer­gency and brought in the troops. The miners looked to their partners in the Triple Alliance - the transport and railway workers - for support. Soli­darity strike action was planned to start on Friday April 15, but was called off by the left reformist union leaders. Eighty Communist Party members were imprisoned during this dispute, indicating the enormous support given to the miners by the party. The following address, to the workers of Caerphilly, urged the miners to break with the class traitors of the Labour Party and return a genuine workers' rep­resentative to the House of Commons

Marx, Marxists and morality

Critics of Marxism often contemptuously dismiss it as antithetical to morality. In the first of a short series of articles Michael Malkin argues that on the contrary Marxism is deeply moral

Welsh Socialist Alliance

Resignation and retreat

Reactionary anti-Zionism

Eddie Ford examines the roots of Hamas and looks at its programmatic charter

Reclaiming Maclean

Stop the war coalition

Democracy to the fore

Horror upon horror

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