WW archive > Issue 396 - 23 August 2001


Ridiculous Sparts; Oh insults; No breakthrough; Divide and rule; Slaves marching; Who needs enemies?; Genoa condemnation; Cowardly pacifists

Communist Party of Britain clings to Labour Left unity rejected

The Morning Star?s Communist Party of Britain continues to reject left unity with the Socialist Alliance and Scottish Socialist Party. The reasons offered by CPB international secretary Kenny Coyle betray a sect mentality

Our history: Tom Bell?s speech 1920

Party and parliament

Statelet with no future

Down with exam culture

Death fasts Marxists and the politics of suicide

Aziz Demir analyses the class background to the hunger strike by political prisoners

CU 2001

Debate and controversy

Mugabe clique clings to power

Anarchists against Leninism

Iain McKay responds to our coverage of events in Italy

Downturn or meltdown?

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