WW archive > Issue 390 - 28 June 2001


Six years too late; SLP competition; Transitional ; Future party; Bulger

Waltham Forest

Clumsy control-freakery

Towards a republican socialist party

Position paper by Chris Jones, chair of Merseyside SA and a member of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

A sick society

End division

This letter, dated June 21, has been sent to Arthur Scargill?s SLP following a unanimous decision of the Socialist Alliance executive

Greenwich and Woolwich

Call for party grows


Fight for democracy

Trotsky and Lenin?s ?Testament?

Paul Flewers examines indications of a changed outlook

Reactionary anti-capitalisms

Racism and corruption

Mary Godwin discusses the ?Tebbit test

FBU political fund

The report below is intended to clarify what was decided by the Fire Brigades Union conference in May, discuss how it was achieved and make some suggestions for the future. It has been written rather quickly and probably doesn?t cover all the arguments. Despite that I hope it can contribute to a serious debate on the issue

Unions fire warning shot

Europe and the left

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