WW archive > Issue 383 - 10 May 2001

General election 2001

The left - in the shape of the Socialist Alliance, Scottish Socialist Party and Welsh Socialist Alliance - have, in the coming general election, the biggest opportunity for decades to make headway.


Adapt to Labour; Obsolete skills; May Day; Bob crowing; Untrue; Christian unrecruit; CRE boost

East London

Raising democracy

CPGB's party-fetishism

Martin Thomas of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty responds to Ian Mahoney


Alliance events

A candidate's diary

CPGB member Lawrie Coombs is the Socialist Alliance prospective parliamentary candidate for Stockton South

Tommy?s tug of war

SWP confusion

Looking ahead

General Strike 75 years on: part two

Mistakes and mythology

Scargill loses debate on unity

Socialist Alliance on the up


Seeds of partyism

Brent and Harrow

Reluctant rank and file

Liaison Committee cancelled

It's the state, stupid

Offensive success

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