WW archive > Issue 381 - 26 April 2001

What we need ... not what capital can afford

Low pay - pay below what is required to maintain and reproduce yourself as a cultured human being in today's conditions - remains a heavy burden for many workers and their families. Affecting in particular women, part-time employees, unskilled routine workers, and migrant labour (legal and illegal), the scrimping, penny-pinching life on below-subsistence incomes is a daily reality for millions in Britain - and hundreds of millions across the planet. It is unacceptable. It is an abomination.


Popular front; Oversight; Amorphous method; Bullshit factor


No fear

Greater Manchester

Straw pays deposit

A candidate's diary

CPGB member Lawrie Coombs is the Socialist Alliance prospective parliamentary candidate for Stockton South

Forum for debate

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Bureaucracy and disarray


Left unites


Principle or tactic?

Child slaves

Wales - Cymru

Weakest link in chain

Witch hunt stymies fight

Tory divisions exposed

UK Left Network - one year on

Phil Hamilton, convenor of the UKLN internet list, looks back at its growth and forward to expanded debate linked to action


Linking with struggles

Greenwich and Woolwich

Enthusiasm restricted

Our history

Formation of the CPGB


Rebel yell

Small businesses

Provide answers for all

Australian SA and CWI

Down under déjà  vu

Set aside divisions

RDG statement on the position taken by the national Socialist Alliance executive on the Bedfordshire SA

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