WW archive > Issue 374 - 08 March 2001

We cannot replace New Labour by becoming old Labour

Over recent months Weekly Worker reporters and correspondents have repeatedly shown how the Socialist Alliance majority - in particular the Socialist Workers Party - have fallen in behind the separatist agenda of Scottish and Welsh left nationalists. Whereas our main enemy is tightly, effectively and malevolently organised across the whole of the United Kingdom state, we have irresponsibly divided and thereby weakened our fragile and meagre forces. A self-inflicted disunity that will do more than rob us of an all-Britain joint political broadcast. The wound runs far deeper...


Not so great; Occupation; Don't vote; Meat wasteful; Grave robbers; DIY politics; Thick workers

Make your mind up time

Terry Liddle calls for greens to join the Socialist Alliance and help transform it into a unitary revolutionary party

SA roundup

Socialist Alliance press launch Challenging Labour

Highlighting the differences

Party notes

£13,000 pledged

Playing chancellor

Legacy of a pioneer French communist

Revolutionary History Vol. 7, No4, Socialist Platform Ltd, BCM Box 7646, London WC1N 3XX, 2000, pp252, £6.95

Fight for what we need

How should the Socialist Alliance determine the level of the minimum wage it proposes? Not by meekly tailing the 'European decency level', argues Tom May

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