WW archive > Issue 371 - 15 February 2001

SSP conference 2001

What had been a slow trot towards open nationalism at the Scottish Socialist Party conference in 2000 developed into a fully fledged gallop at this year's gathering in Glasgow's Caledonian University over February 10-11.


Local sacrifice; Healy acolyte; Menshevik Lenin

Viva Verdi!

Verdi Messa de Requiem - quattro pezzi sacri Hungarian State Opera Choir and Orchestra, Naxos, £9.99 (two discs, 126 minutes, DDD)

Link the struggles

SSP conference 2001

SWP unity bid falters

Socialist Alliance

LSA jolts Labour in Lewisham

Programme: the test of 1917

Rank and file resistance

For high politics

Animal 'rights' and human wrongs

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