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Socialist Alliance Liaison Committee

Turnout at the December 2 meeting of the Socialist Alliance Liaison Committee was somewhat low. Barely 50 comrades were present, and that included not a few non-voting visitors. Birmingham had the honour of hosting the event. Nevertheless all significant nationally based left groups sent delegates, along with a wide range of the most important local and regional Socialist Alliances. Obviously there was an overlap. Many Socialist Alliances were represented by comrades from the organised left, above all the Socialist Workers Party, which is visibly, though still subtly, flexing its hegemonic muscles.


IBT buzz; Renationalise; Revolutionary Cheka; Billy Elliot

Scotland and working class unity

In an edited version of a talk given to the CPGB's Communist University 2000, Neil Davidson, author of The origins of Scottish nationhood and a member of the Socialist Workers Party, argues that the Scottish nation is a reality, but socialists should not make a principle out of arguing for its separation from Britain

European unity

Press statement of the European conference of the anti-capitalist left, held in Paris on December 5 and attended by organisations from France, Denmark, Norway, Luxemburg, Portugal, Cyprus and Britain (Socialist Alliance, Socialist Workers Party, Socialist Party, Scottish Socialist Party)

No case to answer

SA roundup

Birmingham Moving forward

ISO Zimbabwe

Defend worker MP

Socialist Alliance, RCN and the fight for a workers' party

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