WW archive > Issue 360 - 16 November 2000

Expelled for speaking out

Harry Paterson, a long-standing member of the Socialist Party/Militant, has had his appeal against expulsion turned down. He spoke to Peter Manson of the Weekly Worker


Global warming; Socialist Alliance reformists; Socialist Worker cave-in; RCN double travesty; Leninist repression; A question of ownership; After Hatfield disaster

Petty bourgeois protest shows need for workers' independence

SA roundup

London Politics needed

CPGB school

Celebrating the lessons

Step forward for unity

Will McMahon is secretary of Hackney Socialist Alliance. He spoke to Marcus Larsen about the unfolding crisis in Hackney council, the role of the LSA and the prospects for the Socialist Alliance nationally

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Anti-sectarians booted out

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