WW archive > Issue 358 - 02 November 2000

From poll tax glory to sectarian oblivion

Why has the Socialist Party in England and Wales lost 95% of its membership? Why has Scotland declared UDI and the Liverpool organisation liquidated itself? Why is the SP behaving in such an irrational and self-destructive manner towards the Socialist Alliance? Harry Paterson, who is currently appealing against his expulsion from the Socialist Party, looks at the reasons behind the SP's crisis


Bankruptcy; Fantasy island; Left out; RCN farce

Social chauvinism

Arising from an ongoing internet discussion on the UK Left Network (www.egroups.com/groups/UK_Left_Network), Owen Jones takes on the CPGB's position on Yugoslavia

SA roundup

Bedfordshire First step taken

Republican Communist Network

Armstrong tactics Steve Freeman of the Revolutionary Democratic Group gives his view of the October 28 conference

One step forward, two steps back

The annual general meeting of the Republican Communist Network, held in Edinburgh on October 28, unanimously agreed to "oppose all forms of nationalism" - and then went on to elect an effective nationalist majority onto the editorial board of its quarterly journal, Republican Communist.

SWP dithers on Scottish independence

Allan Green, national secretary of the Scottish Socialist Party, attended the October 22 aggregate of the Socialist Workers Party. Here, in his official report, he shows how far the SWP is prepared to compromise its principles for the sake of getting into the SSP

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