WW archive > Issue 355 - 12 October 2000

Try Milosevic!

The mass popular insurrection that overthrew the regime of Slobodan Milosevic on October 5 brings to an end a bloody chapter in the history of the Balkans. Milosevic's 11 years in power brought nothing but ruin to the region, to the non-Serbian people of the former Yugoslavia, and ultimately to the Serbian people themselves.


Vanguard; Izquierda Unida; SSP and SWP; Distant polemic

Tories go to pot

Socialist Alliance roundup

Leeds shenanigans

'Official communist' opposition

Pathology of 'revolutionary' reformism

Rotten politics and military blocs

Tactic or strategy

Notes of the May 3 meeting between the CPGB and the Alliance for Workers' Liberty, which continued our discussion on 'tradition' and the 'official communist' movement. Martin Thomas (MT) and Paul Hampton (PH) represented the AWL, while Mark Fischer (MF) and John Bridge (JB) spoke for the CPGB

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