WW archive > Issue 352 - 21 September 2000


A decade after the self-collapse of bureaucratic socialism in the USSR and eastern Europe the world's big bankers and the pampered representatives of global capital meet over September 26-28. It is the IMF-World Bank's 55th annual conference and is being held in Prague with much fanfare - not least in order to mark the acceptance of the Czech Republic by the 'international community'.


Pandering; Cultism again; LSA slogans; Fight immigration; Just say 'socialism'; Progressive taxation

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Brar - airbrushed out

Anger everywhere

Left misreads Europe fuel protests

Hackney Wick by-election

Help needed

L'Union européenne et les communistes

Marx und à–kologie

Im ersten von drei Artikeln beleuchtet Michael Malkin, wie Karl Marx die Beziehung zwischen Mensch und Natur sah

Heart of darkness

Mehdi Kia of the Organisation of Revolutionary Workers of Iran discusses the crisis dividing the theocratic regime in Teheran and the significance of the recent 'reformist' election victories

CPGB aggregate

Blair's crisis

Pat Strong of the Socialist Party

Breaking up the SA

Marx and ecology - part three

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