WW archive > Issue 346 - 27 July 2000


Welcome here; Solidarnosc; Penetrating; Red-green; Second thoughts; Left sects; Phil and Ben

CPGB-AWL rapprochement

Representatives of the CPGB and the Alliance for Workers' Liberty have been meeting to explore areas of difference and agreement between us. Over the coming weeks, we will feature edited minutes, starting here with those of the March 3 meeting. Comments and criticisms are welcome

Abolish the monarchy

Land and Bolshevism - part two

Democracy not Camp David

No scapegoating

Paedophiles and the tabloid press

Fascism - what is it?

Following Jörg Haider's success in Austria, we have featured debate on the nature of fascism. Here we produce a contribution by the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C), one of the biggest left organisations in Turkey

Livingstone backtracks

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