WW archive > Issue 328 - 23 March 2000


SWP and LSA; SP Wally; Work in Labour; Nick's tantrums; Road hump; Non-reply; Russia-Expo; Speak up, Jack

For democratic centralism

Harry Paterson, member of Peter Taaffe's Socialist Party in England and Wales, calls for real democracy and revolutionary centralism


Pat Strong of the Socialist Party

Final divorce in Scotland Crisis in CWI will leave it a rump

Occupy and nationalise

Tatchell opposes LSA

Scrap immigration controls!

Straw's dirty crusade

Taaffe crisis

LSA rotation?

Scottish Socialist Party conference

Review and conclusions We print the latest broadside fired by Phil Stott's Dundee faction against the majority CWI group in Scotland led by Alan McCombes, Tommy Sheridan et al. A split appears imminent

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