WW archive > Issue 327 - 16 March 2000


SWP quandary; Norman wisdom; Beyond our Ken; Final word; AWL lot; Nick's party; Socialist poverty

Party notes

Old habits

LSA ups tempo

Why we are resigning from the CWI: A letter to the membership


Stylistic kaleidoscope Alfred Schnittke Psalms of repentance for mixed choir ECM New Series; Concerto grosso No1 Deutsche Grammophon

'Stop Livingstone'

Sectarian Scargill's Stalinite slate

Brown's new clampdown

Morning Star to stand GLA slate

Damaging split

Livingstone factor

Kate Ford, candidate on the LSA's PR slate and a member of Workers Power, gave her name to this interview with the Weekly Worker. Like the SWP and Candy Udwin, WP comrades asked for the questions well in advance - so this is a very considered response. Unlike the SWP, however, WP did not refuse to answer any questions

Socialist Appeal and Ken

Second instalment

Andrew Cutting gives his views on Republican Communist No2 (spring 2000)

Whose freedom of speech?

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