WW archive > Issue 316 - 09 December 1999

From Seattle to London

What kind of ‘anti-capitalism’?


Livingstone; SSP left; Trotsky; Assimilation; Oh dear; Bigots; Socialist war; IRA victory; Praxis; Stalin’s error; Non-violence

Russia’s apologists

Morning Star and Chechnya

Tory confusion

Section 28

Mass sentiment

Oliver New is chair of the Campaign Against Tube Privatisation and a London regional officer of the RMT. Marcus Larsen asked him about the CATP’s decision to contest next May’s Greater London Authority elections

Vacuous definitions

Aufheben and state capitalism

Autonomy irrelevant

Alternative theses on the British-Irish

Obituary: Rita Grant

Seize the moment

Livingstone set for independent challenge

Holiday worries

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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