WW archive > Issue 296 - 08 July 1999

Auto-Labourism in crisis


Shortcomings; Serious approach; Unionist veto; Any answers, WP?; Anti-Craig; Nothing less


Party notes


AWL election contest

Robertson’s loyal opposition, part one: Trotsky’s ‘class treason’

Ian Donovan discusses the International Bolshevik Tendency and the ‘Spartacist tradition’

Turning the GM tide?

Mary Godwin reviews 'Genetic engineering, food and our environment: a brief guide' by Luke Anderson

Approach spurned

Nellist and Oddy

Storming heaven

Gerry Downing pays tribute to John Toland, an Irish influence on the materialist philosophy of Marx and Engels

Time to change course

A member of the Socialist Party in England and Wales openly questions the Taaffe leadership

SWP’s new-found modesty

Up and running

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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