WW archive > Issue 290 - 27 May 1999

SPEW set to splinter

Dissidents from a number of regions about to walk out


Permanent present; Unprincipled left; Missing the point; Merseyside Socialist Party; So simple; Anarcho May; Whose life?

Militant talk

Document produced by a SPEW comrade involved in ‘London Socialist’ split discussions

Defend the jury

John Walsh presents a communist view on bourgeois legality

New cricket test

Demon drugs and Dallaglio

Communists are for a rational approach to recreational drug use

Human affirmation

Phil Watson reviews 'A love supreme' by John Coltrane (Impulse CD)

Socialist Labour bull

Defend tiny Serbia

Former SLP vice-president Royston Bull says defeating Nato is the only issue at stake

Marxism and democracy

Phil Sharpe replies to Jack Conrad and Dave Craig

Germany calling

Brar revelation rocks Scargill

Scargill’s Stalinist badge

Simon Harvey of the SLP


Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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