WW archive > Issue 286 - 29 April 1999

Fight bomber Blair at polls

May Day statement


Right of reply; National liberation

Long live May Day! Victory to the 16th Summer Offensive!

Party notes

Fisc and Bull out - London splinters

Simon Harvey of the SLP

A just cause

Critical support for KLA does not mean backing Nato says Michael Malkin

Questioning the KLA

Pleurat Sejdiu is the diplomatic representative of the interim government of Kosova. Tom Ball spoke to him earlier this week

United challenge

Welsh assembly

‘Oracle’ speaks

Delphi is a disillusioned Scargillite

Cool Cymru?

Mark Fischer reviews ‘Wales: class struggle and socialism’ by Charlie Kimber (Socialist Workers Party 1999, pp47)

May Day is workers’ day

Minority rights and the CPGB

Democratic centralism

After Brixton and Brick Lane

Our anti-racism and theirs

Strange bedfellows

SWP pacifists and CPB defencists

Brilliant effort

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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