WW archive > Issue 275 - 11 February 1999

Irish peace in deadlock

As Trimble and Adams go to the brink, anti-imperialists need a new strategy


Fancy footwork; So wrong Long; Defend Iraq?; Homosexual deviation

On prediction and partial knowledge

False picture

Former secretary of the GDR’s Esperanto Association Detlev Blanke argues that Stan Keable’s ‘Hurricane of persecutions’ (Weekly Worker January 21) misrepresents a complex question

Economists fall out

Around the left

No Fisc fight

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Royston Bull: facts and Fisc

Defeatism or Defencism

The CPGB’s refusal to ‘defend Iraq’ is no error. Jack Conrad replies to James Paris of the Marxist Workers’ Group

Unlikely martyrdom

Maurice Bernal examines the implications of the Hoddle affair

Sharp contrast

Ian Farrell reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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