WW archive > Issue 274 - 04 February 1999

ILN split danger

CPGB call for left unity


Compromise; The answer; Otherworldly; Esperanto

Blair moves against ILN

United Socialists north west launch

Strained relations

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group takes issue with some recent reporting in the Weekly Worker

Devoted to his class

Obituary: Mick McGahey 1925-1999

Moralism and morality

Jack Conrad reviews 'You’ll have had your hole', written by Irvine Welsh and directed by Ian Brown (Astoria 2, London, February 2 - March 27, Mondays to Thursdays £14.75, Fridays to Saturdays £16.75, cons £10)

Mistaken position

James Paris of the US Marxist Workers’ Group argues that the CPGB’s refusal to “defend Iraq” is an error that can be corrected

Waiting for the chop

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Reject Nato ultimatum

Kosovar people demand independence

Have faith

Ian Farrell reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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