WW archive > Issue 268 - 10 December 1998

Abolish the second chamber

While Blair pushes for a ‘modernised’ House of Lords, the working class must go further and champion the fullest democracy


NF fiasco; IRSP ard fheis; Defend Korean workers; Smirk

Step forward

Party notes

Church standards and gay rights

End of the road?

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group examines the state of the SLP

Crunch time for dissidents

Simon Harvey of the SLP

United list rejected

Tom Delargy of the Scottish Socialist Party gives his views of the November 29 meeting of its national council

Dirty war of demoralisation

John Stone of the Liaison Committee of Militants for a Revolutionary Communist International discusses the dispute between Workers Action and Workers Fight

Publish and be damned

Mark Fischer replies to Alan Gibson

Overturn Pinochet constitution

Leaving Straw to extradite the dictator is not enough

Small price

Ian Farrell reports on the Weekly Worker Fighting fund

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