WW archive > Issue 252 - 20 August 1998

Turning point - Omagh bomb boosts Sinn Féin

Last Saturday’s Real IRA bomb, despite outward appearances, marked a definitive break with the republican strategy of armed resistance to the British imperialist occupation of the Six Counties


Pardon me; CPGB in crisis; Hindsight; Protect young; New journal

Communist University ’98

Party notes

Open letter not published

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group looks into the different positions within the Scottish Socialist Alliance

Congress farce

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Two constitutions

Socialist Alliance Rugby conference

London Socialist Alliance

Criticism of the past

Don Preston rebuffs criticisms from Mark Osborn of Alliance for Workers’ Liberty (Weekly Worker July 30)

The greening of socialism

Terry Liddle of the Green Party opened a discussion on red-green cooperation at Communist University ’98. Here are extracts from his contributions

Groping towards a theory

Jack Conrad reviews 'The fate of the Russian Revolution Vol 1', edited by Sean Matgamna (London 1998, pp603, £16.99)

Under the censor’s knife

Anti-working class sham

State rushes to cover up its sponsored terrorism

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