WW archive > Issue 251 - 30 July 1998

Abolish the House of Lords

The rebellion in the House of Lords against a government amendment to equalise the age of consent for gays and heterosexuals demonstrates why the working class must become the champion of democracy


Cynical; The final word; Trotskyist label; Fine by me

Taking sides

Party notes

Art of revolution

Lisa Goldman, artistic director of the Red Room, spoke at Marxism 98 earlier this month. Here we present edited highlights

Trotskyite economism or revolutionary democracy?

Jack Conrad (CPGB) and Dave Craig (RDG, faction of the SWP) reply to Ian Donovan, editor of Revolution and Truth

SWP in practice

Trapped in the past

Around the left

CPGB shitespeak

Mark Osborn of the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty replies to Don Preston’s criticisms (Weekly Worker July 16)

One-sided analysis

Steve Riley of Manchester CPGB takes issue with Jack Conrad on the Soviet Union

Political fightback

There is no future for the Socialist Alliances in tailing spontaneity

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