WW archive > Issue 250 - 23 July 1998

Spending spree veils new attack

After two years of continuing the Tories’ squeeze on health and education New Labour is now playing the bountiful benefactor for all it is worth. Workers should not be fooled


Striking absence; Offered a lift; Sect petulance; CPGB cesspit; By a thread

250th issue

Party notes

The Russian Revolution must live!

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, July 25 1918

Scabbing on the struggle

Around the left

For or against liquidationism

Two recent resignations from the CPGB underline the nature of the political period. These letters of personal justification written in April are printed below with a reply from Mark Fischer which draws out some political lessons

Fundamentally flawed

Ian Donovan, editor of 'Revolution and truth', elaborates his criticisms of the Revolutionary Democratic Communist Tendency platform

CPGB paranoia?

The following newsletter of the ‘Campaigning Alliances Bulletin’ has been circulated by comrade Nick Long, convenor of Lewisham SA and a member of the Socialist Democracy Group. It is advertised as “a newsletter of those committed to building real Socialist Alliances”

Bosses’ dirty tricks

Bosses are attempting to intimidate RMT activists. As part of this campaign, they have singled out Steve Hedley, a longstanding RMT militant, for intimidation. The Railworkers Rank and File Campaign reports

Failed revolutions

Danny Hammill reports on the CPGB debate on ‘the transitional programme’, opened by a speaker from the International Bolshevik Tendency

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