WW archive > Issue 240 - 14 May 1998

Irish referendum - Boycott May 22


Intolerance; Rail fiasco; Too long

Sad Taaffe

Party notes

John Maclean’s trial and sentence

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, May 16 1918

Our flag stays red

Let them eat tacks

Communists murdered

PCC solidarity

SACP tensions

Vusikaya Mvuyisi is the chair of the Khayelitsha district of the South African Communist Party. Peter Manson spoke to him in the shack township outside Cape Town

For revolutionary unity

In the last of three articles on South Africa Peter Manson examines the state of the left

Printing money

Summer Offensive ’98

People in glass houses

Around the left

Secret censorship and secret solidarity

Star wars

Short thesis on the revolutionary party

Peter Taaffe, the Socialist Party’s general secretary, having already surrendered to SML’s nationalism, now contradictorily tries to prevent a Scottish breakaway by appealing to technical internationalism. His ‘short thesis’ appears in the SP’s Members Bulletin April 1998

Rix win boosts Scargill

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Opportunity for rank and file

An Aslef militant looks at the reality behind the defeat of Lew Adams

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