WW archive > Issue 210 - 02 October 1997

Scargill tightens his grip

As the SLP’s party congress approaches, Arthur Scargill is taking a leaf from Tony Blair’s book - by gagging debate


Inconsistent WP; Ban precedent

Left cooperation forbidden

The following letter was sent by Arthur Scargill to Chris Weller, secretary of the Kent Socialist Alliance

Party notes

Dockers call for solidarity action

Blair’s project offers new opportunities

Remaking Britain

We would like to know

Around the left

Drugs campaign goes respectable

Dour pessimism

Alan Fox reviews 'Cross purpose' by Albert Camus (Prince Theatre, Greenwich, to October 5)

Russian socialism

From ‘The Call’, paper of the British Socialist Party, September 27 1917

Democratic centralism and the LRCI

Richard Brenner, a delegate to the League for a Revolutionary Communist International’s fourth congress in July, replies to Don Preston of the Weekly Worker

Intolerant regime

Leading democracy campaigner Ian Driver has resigned from the SLP. Here is his resignation letter

New democratic organisation

Peter Manson asked comrade Driver how he now sees the left moving forward

Blair’s crusade against democracy

Everybody loves him - the media barons, the union bureaucrats, the establishment. Who will wipe the grin off Blair’s face?

SNP Rose upsets leadership

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