WW archive > Issue 206 - 04 September 1997

Death of a troublesome princess


Bureaucratic crap; English values; Form of abuse; Highly critical; Reforms not wanted

SML ambiguities

Party notes

New ‘peace’ stage reached

Imperialists ‘disturbed’

Autumn of decision

Simon Harvey of the SLP

State and revolutionaries

Security blanket

G Chicherin’s interment

From ‘The Call’, paper of the British Socialist Party, August 30 1917

Confusion and disarray

Around the left

Contradictory positions

John Stone of the Liaison Committee of Militants for a Revolutionary Communist International opposes the CPGB’s boycott call

Raise the republican flag

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group (faction of the SWP) reviews Jack Conrad’s pamphlet, Blair’s rigged referendum and Scotland’s right to self-determination

‘Scottish Militant Labour and the Socialist Alliance’

Extracts from an internal SML document

Self-determination for Scotland now!

Only the Campaign for Genuine Self-Determination has voiced the national aspirations of the Scottish people

Vote SSA in Pollockshields East

Manchester Socialist Alliance relaunch

Fighting fund

Danny Hammill reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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