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Operation Imperial Overlord

Rishi Sunak committed a ‘gaffe’ by leaving the D-Day celebrations before Joe Biden’s speech, it is claimed by an over-excited media. But, asks Mike Macnair, what was the military and strategic meaning of the Normandy landings?


Be ever so ’umble; No soggy votes; Minimum replies; He’s pro-Zionist; Makes me sick; Comrade Delta; Unity psyche

Focusing our commitment

As the Tories stumble and tumble, and the country prepares to go to the polls, we discussed both who to support and the prospects for after July 4. If there is going to be a ‘crisis of expectations’, it is likely to be on the left. Ian Spencer reports

Sir Keir’s sinister past

Rightwing pundits have finally begun bringing up deep entryism and long-gone political affiliations to Pabloism. But Trot-baiting is unlikely to save Rishi Sunak, says Paul Demarty, he is a loser

Illusion springs eternal

A Starmer government will supposedly trigger a ‘crisis of expectations’. But, asks Carla Roberts, how can it? With promises of financial responsibility and keeping to Tory spending limits, popular expectations are almost non-existent

We’ll always have Parris

Sir Keir is now open to charges of dithering after Diane Abbott was allowed to stand, writes Eddie Ford. But the suggestion that he has ‘lost control’ over the Labour left is risible

Programme makers

Without the working class organising itself into a political party there can be no chance of socialism. But, argues Jack Conrad, without a comprehensive, fully worked-out programme, that party has no chance of taking coherent form, guarding against opportunism or navigating the road to socialism

The centre is cracking

EU parliamentary elections have shocked the political establishment and the soft left alike. Barış Graham looks at the far right’s surge in support

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