WW archive > Issue 1479 - 22 February 2024

Through the looking glass

Scott Evans spotlights Sir Keir’s desperate balancing act between a pro-Palestine electorate, wobbly MPs and the shifting messages coming from the White House … and the surreal goings on in the Commons


Left opposition; New Zoom series; Factions; Revolution?; Not Galloway; No debate; Same clowns; Mass party?; Dogmatic

Unseating the Right Hon Sir Keir

In a bit of political theatre, two campaigns have selected Andrew Feinstein to contest Keir Starmer’s seat in the forthcoming general election. Carla Roberts reports

Notes on the war

After two years of battlefield carnage there is stalemate. Jack Conrad calls for the left to break from social-pacifism and centrism

Navalny’s sticky end

Paul Demarty looks at the death of a persistent critic and irritant to Vladimir Putin and the FSB regime ... and a hero of the west, who showed undoubted courage in the face of cruel persecution

Attacks at every level

Trump faces legal battles in local, state and federal courts. But Democratic attempts to derail his presidential bid may well backfire, reckons Daniel Lazare

Deal with the arguments

The left needs to stop tailing spontaneity and start thinking strategically. Mike Macnair takes issue with Steve Bloom’s canonisation of Luxemburg and criticisms of democratic republicanism

Sentiments have steadily shifted

There is a massive gulf over Gaza between the servile political class and the majority of the British population, writes Eddie Ford

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