WW archive > Issue 1458 - 14 September 2023

Beyond our repair

Chattel slavery’s damage is done, argues Paul Demarty, so communists should fight for a better future, not redress for past injuries


Interested; Trotsky quoting; Blah, blah, blah; Anti-Semitism; Cultivate meat

Dog days of summer

Yet more climate records fall, but the Tory government is criminally ‘maxing out’ fossil fuels and sabotaging the expansion of offshore wind capacity, writes Eddie Ford

Forms of popular frontism

Repeating calls for ‘no platforming’, calls to line up behind reactionary nationalists are, argues Mike Macnair, modern forms of madness. We favour free speech

Once more unto the breach

Workers did not rule and suffered terrible oppression, but, sticking to the provisional assessment made by Trotsky in the 1930s, the Soviet Union was still a workers’ state, insists Daniel Lazare

Marxism still the most compelling

Decline of US dominance, the rise of China and a lot of hype. Michael Roberts reports on a recent conference of left economists

Expect nothing from Sir Keir

Birmingham city’s declaration of bankruptcy comes after a decade and more of austerity and the systematic erosion of local government. Kevin Bean calls for a return to democracy but on a much higher level

Man’s grim justice

Gaby Rubin travelled to Wolverhampton to show solidarity with Tony Greenstein and four other Palestine Action activists

Doctors step up action

BMA members have returned huge majorities for strike action. While the Tory government remains intransigent, there does seem to be some movement on Labour’s front bench, Richard Galen reports

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