WW archive > Issue 1457 - 07 September 2023

Notes on the war

Despite Zelensky’s much vaunted offensive making ‘noticeable progress’, Jack Conrad argues that, especially with the mud season fast approaching, we should not expect any big changes on the battlefield


Anti-Semitism?; Horrible hacks; Tail and dog; Not be said; Ditch Leninism

Mr Griffiths goes to Beijing

Showered with all manner of treats, the CPB’s gensec is a credulous fanboy of China’s ‘socialist modernisation’, writes Paul Demarty

Placing anti-Semitism in context

Supposedly demanding free speech for everyone is mere infatuation. Tony Greenstein defends David Miller and upholds no-platforming as a fundamental principle

Cold war adumbration

Paul Flewers draws links with the current Ukraine conflict and the 1939-40 war between the Soviet Union and Finland. An anti-communist consensus formed then, while now we have the demonisation of Russia as the new evil empire

National road to disaster

Some 60,000 died, huge numbers were tortured and driven into exile, the parties of the left were banned and driven underground. Mike Macnair asks if any strategic lessons were learnt

Old enemies, new friends

Joe Biden’s ‘comprehensive strategic partnership’ with Vietnam is about blocking the rise of China, writes Eddie Ford. It will mean more visits from the Pacific fleet, more trade and new weapons

Online Communist Forum, Sunday September 10 5pm

Fifty years since the overthrow of Salvador Allende’s Popular Unity government in Chile. Speaker: Mike Macnair

Build on success

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