WW archive > Issue 1450 - 06 July 2023

Road leading nowhere

After 75 years the NHS has been driven into permanent crisis. The government’s ‘comprehensive workforce plan’ is no solution, it is mere electioneering, writes Ian Spencer


Record straight?; Too much nonsense; Apologetic; True democracy; Economism

Supplement: Back to Nevsky!

Lars T Lih uses an eyewitness account to dispose of some old myths and to show how, if they were to rewin their majority, the Bolsheviks had to adjust to the shock of finding themselves in a minority

Enemies of the people

Kevin Bean asks why delays, objections and challenges to the Illegal Migration Bill are far from unwelcome to the Tories

Point of no return

Temperature records fall one after the other. Things are on course to get worse, not better. Clearly stunts are not enough, we need to get serious about system change, writes Eddie Ford

MEK’s strange journey

Nowadays they are the darlings of the neocon right, but most consider them a loony cult. Yassamine Mather traces the evolution of the ‘holy war’ fighters

A man much misunderstood

He helped develop the labour theory of value, he influenced Marx and he never worshipped greed. Despite that he is lauded by the ‘small state’, ‘let the market rule’ right. Michael Roberts assesses Adam Smith

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Bend over backwards

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