WW archive > Issue 1443 - 18 May 2023

Lowering the stakes

Starmer’s promise to be ‘New Labour on steroids’ is not about being exciting, but boring. Eddie Ford offers some thoughts on mainstream politics


Better offer; Next election; Gold and paper; Baby’s bathwater; Personal analysis; London recruits

Witch-hunt grows

While some on the disoriented left will support ‘anyone but Labour’, writes Carla Roberts, Momentum and what remains of the official Labour left beg Sir Keir for unity

A hundred years of muddle

Marking the centenary of György Lukács’s hugely influential History and class consciousness, Mike Macnair spoke to an Online Communist Forum on May 14 about the book, the man and the politics

On its last legs

Mark Zuckerberg bet the farm on virtual worlds - and lost. Paul Demarty pours one out for the metaverse

Labourism on Mogadon

Though a Labour government is by no means certain, it would represent a major political turning point. Vernon Price reports on the aggregate of CPGB members and supporters

A tale of two liars

Despite the court judgment over defamation and sexual assault, he has come roaring back with a triumphant CNN ‘town hall’ performance. But, argues Daniel Lazare, the liberal bourgeois media is no more reliable than Trump’s fact-free claims

Triumph of rabid nationalism

Erdoğan looks set to win the second round and a third term as president. Esen Uslu probes the May 14 results and the expected outcome of May 28

Disenchanted with the west

Yassamine Mather gives her impressions of Turkey after 20 years of AKP rule and the evident failure of secularism from above

Online Communist Forum, Sunday May 21 5pm

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