Campaigning for action

In brief

The Direct Action Network, which aims to put disability issues at the top of the political agenda, will be opening its “Kick ‘em in the Marginals” campaign in Bury, Lancashire on June 14-15. Why Bury? Bury is the home of Alistair Burt, the minister for disabled people, and both the Bury seats are marginal ones. DAN will also be targeting two more marginal seats in Cardiff on June 28-29, the Vale of Glamorgan and the Cardiff North seats.

DAN has also been campaigning actively for civil rights. One member was recently on trial at Birmingham Magistrates Court on a charge of malicious damage, following DAN’s fifth national action at the Birmingham NEC last October. Farcically, he was accused of breaking a window approximately six feet off the ground - even though he is a wheelchair user. However, after evidence from other DAN members was given, he was acquitted and awarded damages of around £500.

Eddie Ford