WW archive > Issue 1435 - 23 March 2023

We cause offence

Following the lead of the liberal bourgeoisie, the dominant section of the left takes a ‘free speech, but ...’ approach. Jack Conrad defends the unrestricted right to organise, strike, assemble … and speak


Inconvenient?; EHRC and racism; Class content; Earth to Lazare; War on drugs; Wicked or stupid; Korean censor; Consensus unity

Justice of the victors

Talk of putting Vladimir Putin on trial in The Hague shows how the west is seeking the total defeat of Russia, writes Eddie Ford. But will president Xi come to the aid of his ‘dear friend’?

Counting stolen elections

At last we have definitive confirmation that the Republicans were urging Iran not to release US hostages until Ronald Reagan was elected. Daniel Lazare comments

From order to chaos

Why has so much of the left collapsed into social-imperialism? Why the continued illusions in US intervention? Mike Macnair talked to Hands off the People of Iran in a meeting hosted by Yassamine Mather

A fruitless crown

The contest to replace Nicola Sturgeon has proved unexpectedly fraught. Scott Evans reports on a movement that has run out of options

Turning retreat into attack

Why are so many trade union officials settling for below-inflation deals? Kevin Bean says unions must be democratised, and renewed strength used to beat Rishi Sunak’s latest anti-trade union legislation

Online Communist Forum

Sunday March 19 5pm - 'Climate change, peak strikes and the banking crisis: a week in politics'

Communist University 2023 Summer

Saturday August 12 to Saturday August 19 (inclusive)

Do the necessary

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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