WW archive > Issue 1430 - 16 February 2023

Ours but to build and die

The horrendous devastation and thirty thousand deaths caused by the Turkey-Syria earthquake is also a symptom of social decay. Esen Uslu reports


Our struggle; Opportunist duo; Constitution; Internationalism; Cretinism; Proxy war

Stoked by government ministers

Kevin Bean reports on the Knowsley riot, its causes and the inadequacies of the economistic left’s responses

Period of complex contradictions

The trend towards an ever more unstable world continues, with the choice between socialism and barbarism being posed ever more starkly. Scott Evans reports

Political perspectives 2023

Introduced, debated, amended and agreed at February 12 annual general meeting of CPGB members

Moving towards the positive

Tory culture wars have deep roots and deadly consequences. Mike Macnair digs down into history and links the oppression of women and trans people

Lawless mafia capo

It was always obvious who was responsible for the Nord Stream 1 and 2 explosions. But why did the US do it? Daniel Lazare says it is about asserting control over energy

Getting out the big stick

As part of their war against the ‘economically inactive’, the Tories want to scapegoat and harass, writes Eddie Ford

Chosen by Labour right

Tina Werkmann gives the inside story of how Jared O’Mara was selected, how he beat the odious Nick Clegg and how he quickly spiralled into a mental health crisis. Clearly he needs help, not a four-year prison sentence

Into reverse?

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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