WW archive > Issue 1426 - 19 January 2023

Protests and the bigger picture

Dangers of war are increasing and the masses refuse to be intimidated, but the left is mired in confusion. On January 9 Hands Off the People of Iran hosted an online meeting addressed by Moshé Machover and Mike Macnair. Yassamine Mather opened with these remarks


Bewildered; Join Counterfire; Oh Jeremy; No support; Class impurity; Mr president; Futurism

Their socialism and ours

James Harvey reports on Winter Communist University 2023

Look in the mirror

They continue to denounce sexism in state institutions without confronting their own history. Paul Demarty calls for some self-criticism

Escalation on every front

Moshé Machover looks at the new Israeli government and what it means when it comes to Palestinian oppression, ethnic cleansing, religious intolerance and the danger of war with Iran

Shoras, party and programme

Illusions in so-called bourgeois democracy persist - as do illusions in workers’ councils. Mike Macnair stresses the necessity of a mass party

The future is being made today

Veteran Iranian socialist Ardeshir Mehrdad calls for class politics and the mobilisation of the lower depths of society

Not equality to compete

Communists should demand special measures to protect women from capitalist exploitation, not ‘genuine equality’ in the workplace. Daniel Lazare investigates the Pump Act

Hypocrisy, lies and disinformation

Exxon long knew about the catastrophic effects of global warming, writes Eddie Ford. But they denied it, because what comes first is making money

Help us get there

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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