WW archive > Issue 1420 - 24 November 2022

Planet left to fry

Eddie Ford is not surprised that Cop27 was a failure, all participants are committed to growth for the sake of growth


Centrism; Fake left; Living horror; Irrational; Trotskyism virus; Bolshevik strategy; Hail McClusky

No wage-price spiral

Michael Roberts investigates the old myth that wages drive inflation and rejects calls from governments, bankers and employers for workers to exercise pay restraint

Principle not diplomacy

Mike Macnair explores the Mandelite ‘Fourth International’ and its commitment to fudge, concealing differences and upholding bland generalities in unity projects

Widespread and larger

Splits are widening at the top, the protests are continuing to grow, but there are still illusions in US-sponsored regime change. Yassamine Mather comments

Victory claims under scrutiny

Why hide the truth? Vernon Price discusses an unusual contribution in the latest Pre-Conference Bulletin

A wave that really happened

Donald Trump has announced his candidacy and the Republican right is getting ready to investigate the president’s son. Daniel Lazare expects the results to be interesting

Ending the dynamic stalemate?

Militarily the war is unwinnable, so politics are vital. Esen Uslu calls for Öcalan’s line to be continued

We can do it!

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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