WW archive > Issue 1410 - 15 September 2022

Behind the death mask

Paul Demarty goes in search of Elizabeth Windsor’s personality and finds very little apart from cynicism, unpleasantness and self-entitlement


Golden age?; Hamsters; In the dark; Free transport; Not so stupid

Loyal to king and capital

Yassamine Mather takes issue with those on the left who think the SNP is ‘left of centre’

Learn from Oliver Cromwell

With Charles III, no fundamental change to the monarchy will be delivered from above, writes Eddie Ford. The institution serves capitalism wonderfully as part of its system of checks and balances against democracy

It’s the politics, stupid

The left needs to break with economism and take the monarchy and high politics seriously. We should be fighting for a federal republic and extreme democracy, argues James Harvey

No substitute needed

American socialists in rapture over Enough is Enough want to avoid the hard work and clear political lines necessary to establish a revolutionary party, says Daniel Lazare

Grand strategy and Ukraine

Pre-emptive wars, sanctions and other measures are being used by the US to prevent even the possibility of a real ‘peer rival’ emerging, argues Mike Macnair. This article is based on his talk given to Communist University in August 2022

Measure for measure

Michael Roberts looks at the appalling life expectancy and human development figures in the 21st century

Not time to party … yet

Emil Jacobs of Communist Platform suggests that more preparation time is needed before there can be worthwhile unity. Certainly uniting around the call for arming Ukraine would be disastrous

Rising costs

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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