WW archive > Issue 1409 - 08 September 2022

Storm clouds gather

Liz Truss denounced ‘handouts’ and ‘redistribution’ on the campaign trail - now she has announced a £100 billion energy price cap. Eddie Ford gives his day-one assessment of Britain’s new prime minister


Climate doom; Neanderthal; Publishing filth; Balloons

A ray of light

Momentum behaved despicably, while the CLPD was hardly any better, but there was a welcome upset. James Harvey examines the Labour left after the NEC elections

Misremembering Gorbachev

The death of the USSR’s final leader comes at the crisis point of the post-cold war period. Paul Demarty considers Gorbachev’s grim legacy

Notes on the war

With Kyiv’s counter-offensive, the third phase of the war has begun. While it is unlikely to be the much-touted ‘decisive’ turning point, Jack Conrad warns, we should expect the Tories to bring the war back home by playing the Ukraine card

Where next for Nupes?

René Gimpel reports on the enthusiasm and success brought about by uniting the left, but warns of the dangers and pitfalls that come with a flawed programme

Opting for electoral suicide

Toby Abse surveys the mosaic of parliamentary centre-left and centre-right parties, factions and breakaways in the run-up to what looks likely to be a far-right landslide

Imperialist Russia?

The Morning Star and Communist Review are locked into a debate on whether or not the Russian Federation should be characterised as an imperialist power. Mike Macnair investigates the protagonists and their arguments

Collection of Euclidean axioms

Daniel Lazare welcomes Joe Biden’s Philadelphia speech on the danger posed by Maga Republicans, but the idea that democracy can be won by upholding an antiquated, undemocratic constitution is risible


Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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